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Gain the upper hand against your cyber adversaries.

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Decode threats!

Businesses can turn the tide against cybercriminals with quality cyber-intelligence to give them the view through the adversary’s lens and take remedial actions to stop an attacker in his or her track.

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Meet Emerging Cyber Threats with Confidence


Executive View: Decision Tool for Leaders

Executive dashboards to help leaders understand shifting dynamics and accelerate critical decision-making.



Operations View: Prioritized, Relevant, and Tactical Mitigations for Soc Teams  

Management View: Guided Systematic Approach for Security Management

Take swift actions to mitigate risk with step-by-step guidance. Systematically uncover attack surfaces, vulnerabilities, attack methods, digital risk exposures, dark web observations, and situational awareness.

Deliver actionable insights that are relevant to your industry, geography, and technology.

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